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Videos and images of digital marketing success and experience

Building the Digital Journey 


79% of B2B researchers start their digital journey with a generic Google Search. Meaning they are looking to solve their problem, not for your brand name. 


We built a digital Search journey for our client, AppDynamics, to drive a 625% growth in free trials for their APM (Application Performance Monitoring) solution. Take a look at the video to see how an IT Decision Maker learns about AppDynamics and converts in our digital journey. 




  • Google Search: Own #1 position for "APM" related searches

  • Remarketing: Built audiences based on acquisition channel and website behavior

  • Keyword strategy and Machine Learning: Be present throughout the customer's 90-day avg. research process

Growing Brand & Revenue

Goal: Revive Nancy Drew brand by making it relevant to a target audience & make it show an impact on the bottom line 

Target audience: Female, Gamers, Age: 18 - 24


Her Interactive creates and sells Nancy Drew adventure games and has been doing so for over a decade. We led with a mobile-first strategy and increased gaming app installs (see below for case study on mobile app growth) by 75% and grew in-app purchases by 345%. We built audiences from our new found mobile app fame using Firebase and used YouTube remarketing to show data-driven video creative. We partnered with and used YouTube to increase brand awareness. We used Google's audience insights to find that our customers are Hard-Core Gamers interested in Movies & Entertainment, Traveling, Shopping, and Video-Games. We used machine learning to target customers interested in computer games and layered on contextual Video Topic targeting to only show before relevant videos. We added on a popular bid adjustment to show before the most popular videos as data shows that videos played before popular videos increase ad recall by over 200%. We built a more segmented audience in Google Analytics and used that audience with YouTube remarketing and data-driven creative to drive sales.  




  • Digital Journey: Aligned video content to the customer's place in the purchase path

  • Popular Video: Showing up on popular videos within the video Topic of 'adventure' targeting drives higher performance

First on Google Search


We can get you to the top of Google Search and help you corner your market. Getting to the top of Google and owning +90% search impression share can be like a gold medal for most Digital Marketers. For us,... it's just another day. Check out our video for how we owned the "pickle juice" market in San Francisco. 


Our client needed to connect Salesforce to AdWords to enhance digital performance measurement. In order to do this, we needed to test a live digital ad that targeted only one person because we were sending to a test page that was not fully developed. We had to target our client's Salesforce implementer, Sarah 26, on a desktop, located in San Francisco. There are over 3.5 Billion Searches per this can be a tad tricky.





  • Relevancy: Aligned keyword to the landing page to text in the advertisement to text in the ad extensions.

  • Automated Bidding: To systematically defeat the competition when it matters the most: bid up automatically for certain times of the day when searchers are the most likely to convert

  • GeoTargeting: Targeting the different districts of San Francisco and comparing conversion data and optimizing for the Financial District was no problem 

  • Keyword Research: To find high volume keywords that users are searching for just before purchase 

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